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As a physician assistant practicing in California, it is important to understand the requirements for a written agreement with your supervising physician. This agreement outlines the scope of your practice and defines your responsibilities as a physician assistant.

Under California law, physician assistants must work under the supervision of a licensed physician. The supervising physician must be responsible for the physician assistant`s actions and must be available for consultation when needed. The written agreement between the physician assistant and the supervising physician must be filed with the Medical Board of California.

The written agreement must include specific items such as the name and license number of both the physician assistant and the supervising physician, the scope of the physician assistant`s practice, including any limitations or restrictions, and the method of supervision. The agreement must also outline the regularity and method of communication between the physician assistant and the supervising physician.

It is important to note that the physician assistant`s scope of practice is limited to what is allowed by the supervising physician`s license. The physician assistant must also be aware of the laws and regulations that govern their practice in California.

It is also important to ensure that the written agreement is updated as needed, for example, when changes in the physician assistant`s or the supervising physician`s license occur. The agreement should be reviewed and signed by both parties at least once every two years.

In addition to the written agreement, physician assistants in California must also complete continuing education requirements. These requirements are designed to keep the physician assistant up-to-date with current medical practices and regulations.

In conclusion, the written agreement between the physician assistant and the supervising physician is a crucial document that outlines the scope of practice and responsibilities of the physician assistant in California. It is important to keep the agreement up-to-date and to comply with all laws and regulations that govern physician assistant practice in the state.